Fire Recruitment and The Importance of Volunteering

Fire Recruitment Canada

Fire Recruitment and The Importance of Volunteering

Firefighters trace their roots back to the island of Malta and the Knights of the Crusades. When not at war, they volunteered their time to building hospitals and taking care of the sick.

St. John Ambulance and the symbol of the fire service, the Maltese Cross, are two of the lasting icons of these Knights.

To this day, firefighters volunteer their time to assist people in their communities by organizing boot drives for Muscular Dystrophy, fundraising for burn victims, and participating in countless community programs and charity events.

Volunteering is a major reason why firefighters are such respected members of the community.

If you are a fire recruit asking yourself,

“Why am I not getting a firefighter interview?”

A weak resume could be one reason.

A crucial method to strengthen a resume is to add volunteering.

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Firefighter in Canada?

The Firefighter Interview

The interview is the last part of the hiring process to become a Canadian firefighter. A fire-candidate does not receive nor pass a firefighter interview by luck.

Fire recruitment is a full-­time job including developing experience, producing a good resume and cover letter, and most importantly Рnever losing focus or motivation to continue.

Many firefighters are recruits for 5­ to 10 years before they find employment in the Fire Service.

Most go through numerous fire interviews and much frustration before they become firefighters. It is all part of the system and the different methods of interviewing that each department implements.

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