As a client of S.M.A.R.T. Tutoring I think itís important to acknowledge that we donít all have the same styles of learning. What my tutor has to offer is of value to me. I was tired of spending money on recruitments without success. I know my weaknesses and with my tutorís assistance Iím working to address them.
– M.W., Firefighter Recruit

I cannot thank you enough for helping me identify my weaknesses on these tests. Iím getting better each time. Just getting books from the library and Chapters isnít enough. Who knew that understanding basic math was essential. Being a 40 year-old, pre-service grad didnít prepare me for the harsh reality of CPS and OS tests. With the skills you have taught me, my learning curve has shortened dramatically. Itís only a matter of time before my test anxiety is non-existent and my guessing is non-existent and understanding the questions is second nature. I have and will continue to help you in your quest to help us.
– C.P., Firefighter Recruit

Thanks for all you do. I donít know if you realize the vital role you play in our daughtersí education. I know I canít do it alone and I appreciate your time and effort.
– C.M., Parent of Elementary and High School Students

We feel the tutor is doing a great job and is an excellent match for our daughter. Our intent is to keep up with the tutoring as we feel it is very beneficial and he is making a difference.
– O.B., Parent of Elementary Student

My tutor helps me a lot Ė helps me get to the answers.
– J.K., Grade 12 Data Management Student


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