Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation: CPS, FACT (OFAI), Gledhill Shaw, NFST

Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Courses now offered online to meet the needs of fire recruits across Canada.

What to Expect on a Firefighter Test?
We Cover it All in this Firefighter Test Prep Course.

  • Cooperative Personnel Services Test (CPS test)
  • Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (FACT test or OFAI test)
  • National Fire Select Test (NFST test)
  • Occupational Specific Firefighter Test (OSFF test, OS test, Gledhill Shaw test)
  • Other general entry-level firefighter written tests and exams

Canadian Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Course

Firefighter Test Prep: CPS Test, FACT Test, Gledhill Shaw Tests, NFST Test

  • Suitable for those writing for Firefighter Services of Ontario Ltd. (Ontario Fire)
  • Suitable for those preparing to write for Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI)

4-Week Study Schedule:

  • Duration: 14 x 50-minute private online Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation sessions
  • Study online twice per week with a former Professor and Learning Strategist
  • Receive relevant firefighter test questions, explanations, and feedback every step of the way

Answer Firefighter Aptitude Test Questions Correctly

CRUSH Your Firefighter Aptitude Test

S.M.A.R.T. Tutoring is the best Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Service for Canadian firefighter recruits who want to know what to expect on their written firefighter exams and how to answer firefighter aptitude test questions correctly and efficiently.


Our Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Services are Professional Educational Services.

Service Details

  • Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Course materials are provided at no additional cost.
  • Flexible scheduling and simple payment arrangements are discussed in free consultation.
  • Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Course sessions are booked by appointment only.
  • Students must be prepared to work with their own paper, pens, pencils.

Tutoring Location

Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation Course sessions are online via private Zoom meetings

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Pass Your Aptitude Test.
Become a Firefighter.


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