Kindergarten Preparation

Our Kindergarten Preparation Service introduces students who are entering Junior and Senior Kindergarten to language, mathematical, and fine motor skills. Work with an experienced teacher on a weekly basis at a time suitable to you.

preparing for kindergaten in Ontario

Junior Kindergarten Preparation

JK Language

  • Identify colours
  • Recite the alphabet A-Z
  • Identify and match letters of the alphabet
  • Recite long and short sounds of letters
  • Retell information from a story
  • Trace letters A-Z
  • Write letters A-Z on own
  • Write and state full name

JK Mathematics

  • Count to 20 (rote)
  • Count up to 20 objects
  • Identify and match numbers 1-20
  • Sort colours, shapes, sizes
  • Stack and/or string objects together
  • Identify basic geometric shapes
  • Recognize patterns
  • Demonstrate positional/directional concepts

Ontario Kindergarten Preparation

Senior Kindergarten Preparation

SK Language

  • Recognize and recite letter blends
  • Break words into chunks
  • Recognize and write sight words
  • Recognize and say rhyming words
  • Ask and answer questions about a story
  • Discuss characters, setting, and events of a story
  • Participate in shared reading
  • Retell simple story in sequence

SK Mathematics

  • Complete puzzles
  • Count to 30 (rote)
  • Demonstrate number recognition 1-30
  • Skip count to 20 (by 2)
  • Use objects to show numbers
  • Add and Subtract numbers 1-10
  • Use objects to represent adding and subtracting problems
  • Recognize and duplicate patterns

Fine Motor & Classroom Readiness Skills

  • Select an activity
  • Follow one- and two- step instructions
  • Complete a 5-10 minute activity
  • Grasp a pencil correctly
  • Open various containers
  • Tie shoes and zip jacket
  • Use words and ask for help if needed
  • Learn structure of books (cover, text, back)

Service Details

  • In-home and online service available
  • Work with an experienced teacher on a weekly basis
  • Customize your tutoring to fit your needs and availability
  • Flexible scheduling and simple payment arrangements are discussed in consultation


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