College/ University Students & Adult Learners

Whether it is your first time studying away from home, or your first time studying at home on your own, our College, University, and Adult tutoring services are sure to keep you on track. Work with an experienced teacher on a weekly basis at a time suitable to you.

Teenage Student In Classroom With Tutor

Private Tutoring Subjects

Academic Entry Testing: GED

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math

Adult Education Support

  • Academic Upgrading
  • Online Learner Support

College Diploma Program Support

  • Communication Courses
  • General Education Course

Skills for Success

Study Strategies

  • Assess your Learning Style
  • Manage Time and Meet Due Dates
  • Manage Tasks and Teacher Expectations
  • Apply Reading Strategies
  • Learn Note-Taking Strategies

Communication Essentials

  • Increase Reading Comprehension
  • Learn the Writing Process (Plan, Draft, Revise, Edit, Submit)
  • Format Essays and Reports
  • Utilize Persuasive Presentation Skills
  • Hone Self-advocacy Skills

Information Literacy Skills

  • Practise Critical Thinking Skills
  • Demonstrate Research & Information Retrieval
  • Use Technology Effectively
  • Learn Computer Literacy Skills
  • Understand and apply APA & MLA Documentation Formats

Test Preparation

  • Anticipate Content
  • Create Review Tools
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Organize for Tests
  • Apply Tips for Taking Different Types of Tests
  • Understand Terms & Directives on Exams

Service Details

  • In-home and online service available
  • Work with an experienced teacher on a weekly basis
  • Customize your tutoring to fit your needs and availability
  • Flexible scheduling and simple payment arrangements are discussed in consultation


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