ATS Police Test Preparation: PATI, WCT

S.M.A.R.T. Tutoring provides individual and group Police Test Preparation Services to post-secondary graduates, auxiliary members, and adult learners who are preparing for their ATS Police Constable Stage 1 testing.

Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI)

Deductive Reasoning

  • Syllogisms
  • Travel Time (Mapping)

 Inductive Reasoning

  • Series Completion (Pattern Solving)
  • Classification (Matching)

 Quantitative Reasoning

  • Core & Technical Mathematics
  • Word Problem Analysis

Written Communication Test (WCT)

  • Identify important facts in a given scenario
  • Draw a conclusion
  • Report formatting (headings, paragraph structure)
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Police Recruitment Test Preparation

Service Details

  • Assess your skills with relative learning diagnostics
  • Customize a plan that includes lessons and practice test questions based on your needs
  • Work at your own pace with an experienced, professional instructor
  • Use your own resources or access our collection of current, Canadian texts and tests

Individual Police Test Preparation Packages Vary. Contact Us Today: 705-241-5447

Tutoring Location: Barrie, Ontario

  • Availability: Weekdays (9 A.M. – 9 P.M.)
  • Flexible scheduling and simple payment arrangements are discussed in free consultation

One-Day Syllogism Course

The S.M.A.R.T. Tutoring Syllogism Course delivers brief lessons, activities, and opportunities to answer the following practice syllogism test questions:

  • Conditional Syllogisms
  • Disjunctive Syllogisms
  • Categorical Syllogisms


  • Student Workbooks are provided at no additional cost
  • Students must come prepared with their own writing materials (binder, paper, pens)

Syllogism Course Registration

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