Firefighter Math Practice Test Questions & Answers Free PDF

Firefighter practice test math pdf

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Firefighter Mathematical Ability

Firefighter math test questions are designed to measure a firefighter recruit’s skills in reading to understand word problems and completing basic calculations.

Firefighter math questions typically include

  • whole number operations,
  • decimals, and
  • fractions.

Learn these first, and then learn other types of math like

  • rates,
  • percents, and
  • measurement.

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Firefighter Math Test PDF Directions

In this firefighter math practice test, you will answer five word problems. As in real firefighter aptitude testing situations, the use of a calculator is not permitted.

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Answers to the firefighter practice test questions are below.

Free firefighter math test questions

1. An adult patient has burned his anterior trunk, both arms, and half his head and neck. Using the burn chart above, determine the total percentage of the patient’s burns.

a. 40%
b. 41%
c. 42%
d. 43%

2. A Police Interceptor travels 160 km per hour. How far does it travel in 40 minutes?

a. 106 km
b. 107 km
c. 108 km
d. 109 km

3. The gas tank on a fire truck was 1/2 full at the start of a call. In responding to the call, 2/3 of that gas was used. How much of the tank of gas was used in responding to the call?

a. 1/4
b. 1/3
c. 1/2
d. 2/3

4. When the pumper truck is empty it weighs 9.26 tons. It is filled with 13.09 tons of water. How much does the full pumper truck weigh?

a. 20 tons
b. 22 tons
c. 24 tons
d. 26 tons

5. S.M.A.R.T. Fire Department dispatches two pumpers and one ladder truck to all alarms in the city’s downtown core. Outside the downtown core, S.M.A.R.T. Fire Department dispatches one pumper and one ladder truck. Of 225 alarms in one week, 164 of these were in the city’s downtown core. How many pumpers did S.M.A.R.T. Fire Department dispatch in one week?

a. 320
b. 328
c. 389
d. 400

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1. b, 2. b, 3. b, 4. b, 5. c

A score of 4/5 or higher meets standard.

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