Firefighter Aptitude Test Tutor: CPS, FACT, FireTEAM, NFST, OS

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Our online Firefighter Aptitude Test Tutoring is customized to meet a firefighter recruit’s specific test-taking needs.

Each 50-minute session is designed for graduates of Pre-Service Firefighter programs and adult learners to improve the academic skills and test-taking time associated with a specific firefighter aptitude test component:

  • Oral Comprehension
  • Reading Ability
  • Writing Ability
  • Mathematical Ability
  • Map Reading
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Human Relations
  • Personal Characteristics

Our standard is 85% or greater.

Yours should be too.

What’s Included in Firefighter Aptitude Test Tutoring:

  • Assessments to identify where you are going wrong
  • A customized study plan that includes lessons and direction
  • Study strategies to work through test components and questions quickly
  • Relevant Firefighter Aptitude Test practice questions
  • Evaluation and feedback

Service Details

  • Firefighter Aptitude Test Tutoring sessions are booked by appointment only
  • Students must come prepared with their own writing materials (paper, pens, pencils)
  • Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation materials are provided at no additional cost

Tutoring Location:

All Firefighter Aptitude Test Tutoring sessions are held online via Zoom

Recommended Duration:

  • 4 x 50-Minute Online Firefighter Tutoring Sessions per test component.
  • Duration of Firefighter Mathematics Tutoring varies and depends on the student’s prior knowledge.
  • Flexible scheduling and simple payment arrangements are discussed in free consultation.

Contact S.M.A.R.T. Tutoring and Test Preparation Services: 705-241-5447

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