What to Expect on a Firefighter Aptitude Test

What to expect on a firefighter aptitude test

Firefighter candidates should expect to write a specific Firefighter Aptitude Test based on the hiring city’s requirements.

It is the firefighter candidate’s responsibility to know the name of the test and what it entails. Most of this information is provided by the city and/or firefighter candidate testing service.

Expected Firefighter Aptitude Tests in Canada

Expected Firefighter Aptitude Test Questions

Although Canadian Firefighter Aptitude Tests are different, they have similar types of test questions:

  • Firefighter Reading Comprehension
  • Firefighter Mathematical Ability
  • Firefighter Map Reading
  • Firefighter Spatial Reasoning
  • Firefighter Human Relations

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Firefighter Human Relations & Situational Judgement Practice Test

Firefighter Practice Test Human Relations Free PDF

Print this Free Firefighter Practice Test!

Human Relations

There are different types of Human Relations test questions on a firefighter aptitude test:

  • Firefighter Situational Judgment Questions
  • Firefighter Emergency Situation Questions
  • Interpersonal or Work Relations Questions

Firefighter Situational Judgement Questions

Firefighter Situational Judgement questions assess a fire candidate’s ability to prioritize tasks within a professional framework and manage conflicting requirements while on duty.

Firefighter Emergency Situation Questions

Firefighter Emergency Situation questions assess a firefighter recruit’s ability to make critical decisions while responding to emergency calls.

Interpersonal or Work Relations Questions

Interpersonal or Work Relations questions assess a firefighter candidate’s personal characteristics and ability to work and communicate with others.

Firefighter Test PDF Directions

In this firefighter practice test, you will read three short fire-related scenarios and answer five questions related to the scenarios.

You will be asked to identify both the MOST appropriate response and the LEAST appropriate response.

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