How to Prepare for a Firefighter Written Exam

How to Prepare for a Firefighter Written ExamHow to Prepare for a Firefighter Written Exam

Too many firefighter candidates start their firefighter recruitments underprepared by planning only weeks or days to study before they write their firefighter written exams.

As a result, they fail their firefighter tests not because they don’t have the ability to pass them but because they don’t give themselves enough time to lean how.

Let me help you with this.

First, let’s debunk the idea that recruits aren’t given enough warning. 

Fire recruitments are like Christmas. They come every year. For most cities, they come every other year. Knowing this, budget enough time and money to become a competitive fire candidate in time for your next firefighter recruitment.

Here’s How…

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What to Expect on a Firefighter Aptitude Test

What to expect on a firefighter aptitude test

Firefighter candidates should expect to write a specific Firefighter Aptitude Test based on the hiring city’s requirements.

It is the firefighter candidate’s responsibility to know the name of the test and what it entails. Most of this information is provided by the city and/or firefighter candidate testing service.

Expected Firefighter Aptitude Tests in Canada

Expected Firefighter Aptitude Test Questions

Although Canadian Firefighter Aptitude Tests are different, they have similar types of test questions:

  • Firefighter Reading Comprehension
  • Firefighter Mathematical Ability
  • Firefighter Map Reading
  • Firefighter Spatial Reasoning
  • Firefighter Human Relations

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Firefighter Oral Comprehension Test Passage & Practice Questions

Firefighter Oral Comprehension test

Listen to this Firefighter Oral Comprehension Test!

Firefighter Oral Comprehension

This firefighter oral comprehension passage and the following firefighter oral comprehension practice test questions are designed for firefighter recruits to practice their oral comprehension skills.

These skills are called upon to answer oral comprehension questions on the Firefighter Cooperative Personnel Services Test (CPS test).

As in a CPS test, you will be listening to a brief and fictional passage. Listen to the firefighter oral comprehension passage only once, and listen carefully.

You are not permitted to record information given in the oral comprehension passage.

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Firefighter Reading Comprehension Practice Test & Passage PDF

Firefighter Aptitude Test Preparation


Print this Free Firefighter Aptitude Test!

Firefighter Reading Comprehension

Firefighter reading comprehension test questions are designed to measure a firefighter recruit’s ability to read and understand written communication. This includes information in text, tables, diagrams, charts, and captions.

Firefighter Reading Comprehension Test PDF Directions

In this firefighter reading comprehension practice test, you will read short passages containing fire-related material just as you would in an actual firefighter reading comprehension test.

You will then answer five reading comprehension questions related to the firefighter reading passages.

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