How Long Does It Take to Become a Firefighter in Canada?

The Firefighter Interview

The interview is the last part of the process to become a Canadian firefighter. A fire-candidate does not receive nor pass a firefighter interview by luck.

Fire recruitment is a full-­time job including developing experience, producing a good resume and cover letter, and most importantly Рnever losing focus or motivation to continue.

Many firefighters are recruits for 5­ to 10 years before they find employment in the Fire Service.

Most go through numerous fire interviews and much frustration before they become firefighters. It is all part of the system and the different methods of interviewing that each department implements.

The Firefighter Hiring Process

Many factors such as the economy and the number of people retiring dictate how many new firefighter recruits are needed.

Funding to build new fire halls and hire firefighters as well as department training issues are also some of the factors determining the future of new recruits.

Graduating from a Pre-Service Firefighter Program is just the beginning of the long journey to become a firefighter.

After graduation a fire candidate joins a pool with classes of people who have graduated and/ or received firefighter training.

Not all members of a graduating class will become firefighters. A reality check is imperative.

Plan to Obtain a Career in Firefighting

Implementing a plan to achieve your career goal as a professional firefighter is necessary.

Passing the aptitude test, keeping fit, building an excellent resume, taking additional courses on firefighting, volunteering, and preparing for an interview all take time and money.

Additionally, a fire recruit needs a solid support system and network to stay on top of hiring requirements and the latest recruitment information.

Having a good job is a must while waiting for an opportunity for a firefighter interview.

Life experience takes time to acquire and is very important today because interview questions research a candidate’s past.

Consider the following Firefighter Interview Questions:

  • What is your greatest accomplishment in your career to date?
  • What qualities, skills, and attributes do you bring to a fire department?
  • What have you done to prepare yourself for the physical and mental demands of firefighting?
  • What other community involvement are you a part of outside the fire department?

Interviewers in the Fire Service are not looking at whether a fire-candidate can fight a fire.

Instead, they want to know if the candidate is someone they can work with over the next 35 years.

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